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GK DIY Hidden Fence


Product Information

The GK DIY is available for Self installation only, this tiny but highly innovative system is ideal for customers with a up to an acre to contain, or to exclude your pet from crossing area such as driveways, pool areas or flower borders. Simple and quick to install but with all the features of our standard hidden fence systems. Using our patented technology GK DIY is light years in front of other brands - All hidden fences use a radio signal (even those who claim not to!) - DogWatch are the only manufacturer to harness the secure FM signal which makes our systems the safest systems available worldwide - guaranteed no falste activation on the computer collar and 15 times quicker than any other brand. Fully CE & Vet Approved.


GK DIY Features:-

The GK DIY  transmitter has a total cable capacity of 1 acre equivalent to 300m boundary cable


GK DIY Computer Collar Features:

Battery life: 6 months

Weight 30g (inc battery) - smallest computer collar worldwide!

Correction Levels: 1 – 4 + tone only

FM Safelink ™  - NO false activations

Fastreact Software ™ - our receiver cannot be out run!

Waterproof to 10ft

2 year warranty

Autoshut down - collar will shut down automatically if your pet gets stuck in the zone


Transmitter Features:


Range Control – Easily allows you to adjust the boundary.

Inbuilt surge protection.

Broken Boundary Warning – Audible & Visual alert warnings if the boundary signal is interrupted.

2 Year Warranty with this system.

Digital FM Signal Safelink ™ – protects your pet from stray.


Cable Calculator: The GK DIY includes 100m of cable

<1/4 acre: 1 roll of cable (100m)

1/4 - 1/2 acre 2 rolls of cable (200m)

>1/2 acre - 1 acre 3 rolls of cable (300m)


GK DIY Kit includes:-

1 x Transmitter, 1 x 18 Volt (UK Power supply) 1 x Receiver collar, 20 Training flags, 100m (heavy grade boundary cable 1.5mm) 2 x waterproof connectors 1 x Owners Handbook. Installation & Training instructions.

All our DIY Systems are supplied w medium contact posts - if your pet is very short or long haired or has an unusually large or small around the neck please let us know when ordering and a bespoke collar or contacts can be supplied.

Product Code: GK1T2

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